How TIS came about


The TIS story is built on a desire and passion to improve the safety and work experience of employees. This improvement is the result of enhanced skill and knowledge gained from the delivery of relevant and individually focused learning applications.

The TIS brand speaks sustained learning and performance improvement.  The result is employees that are fully engaged and truly valued by their organisation with complete understanding of what success feels like in their role.

The TIS logo reflects our brand, our vision and our values in both colour and style. Clean, trustworthy, open and honest, aspirational and yet rooted in common sense. The interlocking links of the chain represent integration and fit with a clear reference to a health and safety as an integral link in your organisation’s chain of activity.

There is a sense of movement within the device as well as one of strength and coordinated action. The colours reflect the different stages within a typical supply chain and can also represent Kolb’s experiential learning styles or phases of continuous improvement. (David Kolb in 1984 exposed the principle that a person would learn through discovery and experience).

The first TIS logo (pictured) was updated to its current form in September 2015 as part of a re-branding initiative.