Performance Diagnostics

If you think that your supply chain isn’t going quite as well as you would like but don’t know why, call for a “supply chain audit“.

This process could take as little as 4 hours however will take longer depending upon the depth and breath of the investigation required.

This report culminates in a written report showing practical solutions to real problems that are constraints to the effectiveness within the organization. Our reports are not glossy powerpoint slides but targeted templates and schedules showing the best way forward. We split recommendations into:

  • You have the capability and time to fix these aspects yourselves
  • You have the capability but not the time to fix these aspects so this is the type of short term person that you need to help you
  • You really need some experienced and skilled help with these recommendations
  • Clients that have been through this process generally feel….

‘We found your “no nonsense” methodical approach refreshing. A number of people in the team have commented on this and felt they got so much more out of this than anything we have done before’

‘The final report was comprehensive, clear and in keeping with your approach. No area appears to have been left untouched with recommendations ranging from basic health & safety all the way through to training needs assessments for staff and complex system enhancements’