Audits and Consulting

 If you think that your supply chain isn’t going quite as well as you would like but don’t know why, call for a
supply chain audit. This process could take as little as 4 hours however will take longer depending upon the
depth and breadth of the investigation required. This audit culminates in a written report showing practical
solutions to real problems that are constraints to the effectiveness within the organization.

Common situations for which we are often called in are:

    • our stock levels are too high
    • our staff are doing their jobs incorrectly
    • our customers aren’t happy
    • the elements of our supply chain aren’t communicating
    • we need some measures to help us to improve
    • we need a new person but don’t know how all of the roles will fit together
    • we want to tender for more work, so want a point of difference first

Performance Effectiveness Audit – We have two tools that we use to ascertain the current level of maturity
within a company’s supply chain and then to recommend improvements; one with the supply chain team
and the other with the management. The TIS Supply Chain Maturity Model  shows the developmental levels that
can be achieved in the key areas of your organisation.

The matrix system provides a great deal of information as to the effectiveness and maturity of a company’s
supply chain and high lights what improvements are required and how they should be achieved. Depending
upon the complexity, this evaluation and report production takes 8-16 hours.The report show practical
steps on how to improve, what resources will be required, and where possible, which staff member could be

Consulting, Project Management & Implementation –

Recent projects have included: warehouse redesigns, factory layout / flow changes, contracting out to 3PLs,
process improvements and health and safety implementation.

The areas covered include:

Integrated Supply Chain KPI analysis and implementation

• Project Management
• Saving Plan Creation and Implementation
• Tracking and Reporting of Saving Plan Results
• Customer and Supplier DIFOTIS – delivery on time, in full, in spec – measurement
• Waste Reduction
• Supply Staff recruitment – PD creation, interviewing, induction and training
• Customer Forecast Accuracy – Analysis and Improvement
• General Supply Chain Management training for non-supply staff
• Cluster Facilitation – helping companies buy together to reduce costs.

Purchasing Systems and Processes

• Purchasing Card Evaluation and Implementation
• Replenishment Systems
• Supplier Strategies
• Supplier Selection and Negotiation

Logistics Management

• Warehousing Control
• Stock Management
• Vendor Managed Inventory
• Consignment Stocking
• Kanban implementation
• Stocktakes/stock checks and Issue resolution
• Stock turn analysis and Improvement
• NZQA Training and Assessing for several warehousing/distribution qualifications

Comments from clients that have been through this process …

We found your “no nonsense” methodical approach refreshing. A number of people in the team have
commented on this and felt they got so much more out of this than anything we have done before.

The final report was comprehensive, clear and in keeping with your approach. No area appears to have been
left untouched with recommendations ranging from basic health & safety all the way through to training needs
assessments for staff and complex system enhancements

From there, we go in and understand the real problems (rather than the symptoms), agree a course of action
that is in tune with the corporate strategy and get it fixed. Often we identify short-term, medium-term and
long-term solutions to implemented over time.

Key operational staff are always involved somehow in the creation of the solutions and their implementation.
This ensures that the improvements made will work, will be welcomed and will be sustainable in the long